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Horse Colic

Effects of ColiClenz™ Plus on Horses

ColiClenz™ Plus, used as directed and administered every 10 weeks can improve the general health of the horse:

  • For use in Pre– or Post-operative treatment
  • May assist in the management of toxic illnesses by eliminating toxins
  • May eliminate harmful bacteria in the GI tract
  • Scientific evidence proves psyllium husk leaves the good bacteria in the system
  • May remove toxins and other infections from the GI tract
  • May help heal ulcers by eliminating harmful bacteria and remaining irritants
  • May assist in the management of chronic or incidental diarrhea and colic in horses
  • For use in the management of bacterial infections
  • For use in the management of Right Dorsal Colitis
  • Removes live parasitic infestation
  • May offer a helpful management routine for IBS
  • Can improve feed utilization
  • Anecdotal evidence indicates it may improve growth and development
  • May increase pre-foaling viability
  • May improve pre-natal health of pregnant mares
  • There is anecdotal incidence of increased sperm count

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • Can improve general health and well being of the horse
  • May eliminate harmful bacteria
  • Can improve feed utilization
  • Provides a management and treatment program for numerous illnesses and conditions including equine colic
  • Growth and development improved
  • Increased sperm count