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Horse Colic

With a Clean Gut You Can Do Everything Else!

Once you start with a clean gut, then it is possible to introduce other products successfully: pro-biotics, vitamins and minerals, wormers, and feed products of all types. Make the most of the money spent on feed and feed/health supplements by using ColiClenz™ Plus on a 10 week regimen.

  • Offer the digestive system the best way to secrete the necessary enzymes to break down the food mass and process it into the system.
  • Allow the opportunity for the processing and disbursement of vitamins and minerals into the system and prevent acceleration of the process of digestion causing the build up of lactic acids and other miserable repercussions associated with equine colic.
  • Allow successful digestive processes with the food types we use to suit our life styles such as pelletized, bagged and baled feeds, to do their job in the horse's gut and help with avoiding colic in horses.

We have chosen to contain the horse. It is our responsibility to do the best we can to suit the horse, and thereby compliment us, as owners.

By using PHP Pellets' product, ColiClenz™ Plus, the horse's gut will take more than 90% of feed and other supplements, as processed by the digestive system.

It is important to repeat the regimen every 10 weeks. This is the biological behavior of the equine gut and will help avoid horse colic.

This procedure will allow other products to stand on their own merits, as the gut will be accepting of their worth.

Remember... with a clean gut you can do everything else!

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • A clean gut will accept and utilize feeds, supplements, and medications into the horse's system more readily, instead of it being eliminated
  • By using C2+, the gut will digest more than 90% of its feed and supplements
  • The behavior of the horse's gut dictates repeating the regimen every 10 weeks