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Horse Colic

Now Available in the United States

After eight years of research, a revolutionary feed supplement is available in the United States. Psyllium Husk Performance Pellets, Inc.’s (PHP Pellets) TracKlenz™ Plus (TK+), available through veterinarians only, and ColiClenz™ Plus (C2+), available through this web site, is the result of extensive research and development to produce a product that not only can defend against the conditions which could cause colic in horses, but also produce other beneficial effects.

ColiClenz™ Plus and TracKlenz™ Plus have shown to be useful as a proactive measure against many common equine problems including equine colic. The active ingredient is psyllium husk. The psyllium seed is ground to produce the husk. Psyllium husk has been used for centuries to treat digestive disorders in humans.

The all-too-frequent and tragic effects of severe sand colic in horses led to the research which resulted in this safe, naturally organic method to protect against colic in horses. Eight years of research and development has led to the equine products ColiClenz™ Plus and TracKlenz™ Plus.

The Difference is in the Formula!

PHP Pellets products are formulated using psyllium husk at 95% purity, grain by-products, alfalfa fines, a vitamin/mineral premix and molasses. The extensive and patent-protected formula is then manufactured to produce a palatable pellet which provides an 8% protein feed ration and the required levels of vitamins and minerals. Adding ColiClenz™ Plus to the horse’s feed is easy on you and your horse:

  • Our pellets are safe, effective, and natural
  • Do not impede absorption of nutrients
  • Do not interfere with the horse’s regular daily ration
  • Cost effective

The palatability of our equine products is a major attribute of the products. Other products on the market are difficult to administer because they are not palatable — the horses simply won’t eat them. The horse will knock other products out of the feed bucket and eat the grain if the psyllium husk is mixed with grain to disguise it. Most horses will readily eat ColiClenz™ Plus because it is formulated to taste good to them. Remember if the horse will not eat the product that help avoid equine or horse colic it will not do them any good.

It is the quantity and dosage that makes the difference between a preventive measure and a futile effort.