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Horse Colic

Delivery Systems

For any product to cleanse the system, it must first reach the system. Horses must eat it. Many of the best-known psyllium products are fed in a fine powder form. They reach the system in insufficient quantities to have any positive effect. The powder is often lost through spillage, settling to the bottom of the feeder, or simply being blown away therefore missing the opportunity to help avoid colic in horses.

The most obvious disadvantage of powered psyllium is premature water absorption. The powered material becomes wet and changes into its gelatinous state. That leaves the horse trying to deal with a gooey blob (in its mouth and throat) which should have been transformed within the horse’s system.

ColiClenz™ Plus combines the psyllium husk with alfalfa fines, vitamins and minerals, then cold-presses it all into a pellet, the most effective form. This allows the gel process to commence at the beginning of the digestive track and continue completely through until it passes. It does not form the gel immediately, but progressively in order to clean the entire length of the intestine and help avoid equine colic.

Additionally, the alfalfa fines and molasses give the ColiClenz™ Plus pellets a taste and smell that horses love. They eat it readily and completely.

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • To cleanse, the product must reach the system
  • Most common psyllium seed husk products are in fine powder form
  • Powdered psyllium seed husk is lost to spillage, settling, or being blown away
  • C2+ is a combination of psyllium seed husk, grain by-products, molasses, alfalfa fines, vitamins and minerals
  • C2+ is a cold-pressed pellet, the most effective form
  • C2+ starts to work in the digestive track, not the horse’s mouth or throat
  • Alfalfa fines and molasses give C2+ a taste and smell horses love
  • Horses eat C2+ readily and completely