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Horse Colic

What Makes ColiClenz™ Plus Different?

...Thoughtful horse owners seek a clean gut and...

  • Maximum performance and productivity from cash input to equine health.
  • Palatability in products fed to their horses.
  • Effective in its use with proven results.
  • A product which will travel the full length of the digestive system, forming a gel as it goes-not gel all at once-helping eliminate indigestible material that contributes to colic in horses..
  • Gels inside the horse's body-not outside as in a tub. The efficacy is significantly diminished when the product is introduced to fluid outside of the body.
  • A pro-active product with instructions for action, not just something to make the owner feel good.
  • A product with scientific proof to support its use in avoiding equine colic.
  • A product which is designed uniquely for the equine system to avoid horse colic.
  • A product with rational thinking behind its development.
  • A product which is ethical to use for your horse.
  • Product support from the company which researched, developed, and produces the product.
  • A company whose developers can offer ethics in management and reliability to the horse owner for the products it produces.

ColiClenz™ Plus


Horse owners are looking for products that cleanse the horse's gut and are:

  • Palatable to horses
  • Effective in use and results
  • Designed for the equine system
  • A pro-active measure for the horse owner--not just a feel-good measure
  • Product support from company