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Horse Colic

ColiClenz™ Plus continues to receive endorsments that foster what may appear to be miraculous claims. The letters received are authored by horse owners, breeders, performance horse enthusiasts, and veterinarians. The following are a few excerpts:


Dr. Sharanne Raidal, Murdoch University, Australia

“Clinical Trials of ColiClenz™ Plus pellets are ongoing at Murdoch University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Preliminary results suggest that ColiClenz™ Plus accelerates the removal of sand, toxins and bacteria from the large colon of the horse.”

Dr. Stuart Shoemaker, Idaho Equine Hospital, Nampa, Idaho

“The clinical trials are very promising for this product to provide a significant improvement to the overall health of horses. [Gayle] has surrounded herself with professionals in the fields of nutrition, gastrointestinal disease, physiology, and practicing veterinarians in an attempt to get her product to the consumer.”

Dr. Lance Moxey, DMV, Moxey Veterinarian Hospital, Sheridan, Wyoming

“[We had] a very positive experience with this psyllium product this past fall. A horse with diarrhea which was culture negative for Sal.Spp. negative for internal parasites, and unresponsive to conventional treatments. Supportive care in the form of IV fluids and electrolytes was used for several days with no improvement in the diarrhea. The horse was still interested in eating and drinking, so we started the psyllium treatment and followed the directions on the bag. No other treatment was administered during this time, and the horse showed steady improvement. At this time the horse is in training and doing well, with no sign of a recurrence of the diarrhea. Bottom line: we will use this product again, and certainly consider its use in other types of digestive upsets.”

Dr. Nancy Jack, Professional Animal Scientist, Director, D.E.King Equine Program, Animal Science Department, University of Arkansas

“Gayle Swain, CEO [of PHP Pellets], had the vision to develop the product, and has overseen the unique research it required to validate its use. Gayle best knows the unique structure of the product and its possible benefits to the equine industry…. Her knowledge of animal science, previous research, and practical field experiences has allowed her to understand and discuss complex data and research plans with me and my staff...”


I have been using the colon cleanse (ColiClenz) of Gayle for about a year now and am having great success with my own horses. I own about 30 horses and started her program of every 10 weeks for 5 days of doing and have seen a huge improvement with horses looking and feeling better.

The first thing that seemed to happen across the board with all of them was in their eyes. They looked brighter and clearer.

Then I noticed when I rode them their hind ends seemed to be stronger and cover the ground better. This did not happen with every one of them but about half. The other ones seemed to have this after a couple of cleanses later.

The chronic horses which have been navicular, diarrhea, and founder have slowly in the last year are improving in ease of movement, soundness and able to increase their individual work load. I believe with continued use they will continue to improve.

Attitudes are another area that seems to be improving with all the horses, more at ease temperament and able to cope with stress better. I do believe in this product helps better the horse as a whole.

Vickie Montgomery The Yard--An Equine Rehabilitation Center

I have raised cutting horses for years and have experienced the anguish of watching my favorite horse die of colic… I was happy with the colic-prevention aspect of the pellets but was totally surprised by the other benefits we gained from the product. Tell (my horse) was understandably stressed by the training and seemed agitated and nervous all of the time.

After feeding the 5-day regimen of the pellets, Tell was loping circles on a loose rein, something he had not been inclined to do before. After speaking with veterinarians who had described their theories that training can bring on stomach irritations similar to ulcers and stress-related acid production, I concluded that the cleansing ability of the pellets could, and did, in fact, remove the irritating buildup and allowed him to heal.

Another benefit of the product I noticed almost immediately was the decreased whole grain bypass. … During and after the pellets, the amount of undigested grain kernels in the manure reduced considerably…. Other changes… were a glossier hair coat and smoother, healthier appearing coronet band growth. All this with no feed change other than the PHP Pellets for 5 days….

Dale Bulkley

As breeders of miniature horses for more than 10 years and living on the south coast of WA, we have been plagued with sand colic.

We have tried many products with varying results and have found all difficult to administer, until we tried Psyllium Husk performance Pellets.

They are easy to feed; the horses actually like it and the results are really amazing. We are proud to recommend it to all horse breeders and owners.

Brian and Mandy Young Helvetia Park Miniature Horse Stud

I’ve trained cutting horses for the public for 15 years. The majority of my horses are young horses, two-year olds, Futurity and Derby (three and four-year olds). Two years ago I was introduced to ColiClenz Plus from PHP Pellets. I began a consistent program of ColiClenz Plus on some of the two-year olds. The results I experienced were far better than I had expected. Those young horses developed much faster, with more growth, and trained easier with greater retention to what I was doing with them.

The three-year olds showed much more stamina, while their hair coat and general appearance was fantastic. ColiClenz Plus has enabled my entire group of horses to utilize feed more efficiently, which brings my feed costs down dramatically. It has also brought condition and hair coat up to where I wanted it to be. My horses no longer tend to have off days in training and on show days. All in all, ColiClenz Plus is the one ingredient in my training program that will not be omitted.

Thank you, Gayle. and ColiClenz™ Plus.

Lyle Toresdahl Toresdahl Cutting Horses

[We] would like to thank you for the opportunity in trying your new product on one of our horses, Tango Bobby Sox [Fonz], an AQHA Champion gelding, rising nine years. After giving Fonz the pellets for 5 days, we noticed a big difference. His coat is a lot healthier and he has lost that bloated belly associated with sand. The pellet form makes it so easy to feed and you know that they are eating it all. We are going to give the rest of our horses a course and will not hesitate to recommend it to any other horse owner….

Kevin and Pauline Baldivis, Washington

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