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Horse Colic

Feeding Tips for ColiClenz™ Plus

  • It is the owner’s choice how to feed ColiClenz™ Plus to help avoid colic in horses.
  • The first two days add ColiClenz™ Plus to the traditional feed the horse is used to. For instance, add the ration of ColiClenz™ Plus with a smaller amount of grain or pellets usually fed to the horse.
  • Hay should be made available to the horse after he has completely eaten the ColiClenz™ Plus ration for the day. Fill the manger with hay, once he has cleaned up all the ColiClenz™ Plus, and allow him to graze on a normal basis.
  • Day three is a larger dose, and should be fed according to the completion of the ration, then hay introduced as usual.
  • Days four and five have a much larger content of psyllium husk in the ration. Therefore, encourage your horse to eat the ColiClenz™ Plus first. When that is done and he is still hungry, offer him free choice hay for the rest of the evening and night.
  • It is unadvisable to introduce any fluid of any kind to the ColiClenz™ Plus pellets in the feed bin.
  • For added flavor, top the pellets with a drizzle of molasses or some alfalfa chaff.
  • The pellets are 8% protein which will sustain most horses through a 5 day period. The horse will not starve if a little hay is missed in the first few days.
  • To ensure proper activation of the pellets, offer the horse continual access to clean fresh water 24 hours of the day.

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • Follow the dosage recommendations for the best avoidance of equine colic
  • Do not add fluids to ColiClenz™ Plus
  • Drizzle molasses or alfalfa chaff for added flavor
  • Encourage the horse to drink water frequently