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Horse Colic

Feed Utilization and ColiClenz™ Plus

Feed Utilization

ColiClenz™ Plus horses inherit newly-found efficiency in utilizing feed and supplements, pro-biotics, vitamins, minerals, wormers, and feed products of all types. It enhances the production of enzymes.

Subsequently, it increases the body’s resistance to right dorsal colitis, ulcers, laminitis, bacterial, toxic and viral-based illnesses, and the build-up of lactic acid.

Water Is Essential

To become a gel, the pellets require water. Much of it is supplied by the horse’s drinking. But some required water is acquired from fluid in the horses’ system.

This cannot be over-emphasized. To remove the collected intestinal trash, the hydroscopic process requires water, and plenty of it. Keep it available to the horse at all times.

Fluid retained in the gelatinous mass allows the body to replace fluids, “washing” the internal body, and removing unwanted bacteria, toxins and viral waste.

Functional Form

The psyllium husk, combined with other ingredients, and cold pressed into a pellet is the most effective application. It allows the gel process to commence at the beginning of the digestive track and continue completely through until it passes. It does not form the gel immediately, but progressively in order cleanse the full length of the intestine helping to avoid colic in horses. Horse colic or equine colic is more devastating if measures that could avoid it are ignored.

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • Horses on C2+ utilize feeds and supplements more efficiently
  • C2+ enhances production of enzymes
  • C2+ increases the horses' resistance to ulcers, viral illness, and numerous other health issues
  • To become an effective gel, C2+ needs water, and plenty of it
  • C2+ is cold-pressed into pellet form, allowing the gel process to begin in the digestive track and continue until passed, cleansing the full length of the intestine