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Horse Colic


ColiClenz™ Plus is a simple and effective way of cleaning the horse’s digestive system and help avoid horse colic. Mixed into the horse’s normal dry feed bin with his usual ration, it provides a mix of digestive material with the hydroscopic and gelatinous properties of the psyllium husk.

After consuming the pellets, they pass through the 72 feet of the horse’s gut. Within a few minutes of ingestion, absorbed fluid in the gut activates the psyllium husk’s gelatinous and hydroscopic properties. Within 12 hours, the raw psyllium husk accumulates waste material (sand, sticks, debris, and toxins contained in the solid and fluid waste), which then passes as fecal matter eliminating their contribution to future equine colic.

In non-technical terms, it turns into a jelly-like mass and travels through the horse’s digestive tract, going into the nooks and crannies along the way, encasing the unwanted material, which then exits the horse as fecal matter.

The regimen is a total of 15 pounds of ColiClenz™ Plus fed in increasing doses over a five-day period (see Figure 1). Feeding the correct dose is important—too little, too regularly creates an eventual resistance to the useful properties of the psyllium husk, i.e., its ability to become gelatinous and hydroscopic. In other words, the correct dosage will cause it to absorb molecules of water into the cell structure, which then turns into a jelly-like substance.

The treatment becomes invalid if the ColiClenz™ Plus is not reintroduced to the horse’s diet every 10 weeks. This ration is supported by the research material relative to the process of metabolizing feed within the equine digestive system.

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Fresh Water is Key!

All horse owners are aware of the importance of fresh water for their horses. When feeding ColiClenz™ Plus, it is extremely important to monitor your horse’s water intake, ensuring your horse is drinking plenty of fresh water at all times while administering the pellets.

While dosing the animal with ColiClenz™ Plus, it must be remembered the product is:


This means it absorbs water into the cells of the product and holds it.


The raw product is not a starch as are most grains–it turns into a jelly-type material. As the cells absorb the molecules of water contained in any surrounding area (even the moisture in air will eventually cause the product to swell), they swell and turn into a soft, jelly-like substance which, when introduced to other material such as sand, sticks, stones, feed products, hair, etc., will blend them within the gel and contain the foreign material so it does not contribute to producing colic in your horse.

Within the equine digestive system, the product absorbs fluids inside the gut, and this moisture converts the flakes of the raw material into gel.bThis will make the horse seek water more frequently. Ensure the horse has plenty of fresh, clean water available to him at all times, particularly before you leave for work and before you retire for the evening. During the final two days of dosing, the horse will consume an even larger volume of water to replace the depleted water within his body.

Why Use ColiClenz™ Plus?

  • Contains natural organic ingredients
  • Highly palatable and safely digested
  • An easy and safe way to feed psyllium husk
  • Low in proteins and carbohydrates
  • No inconvenience to the horse
  • No interference with feeding regimens
  • Cost effective by saving on your feed bill due to an improved digestive processes

Both The Horse And The Owner Benefit

  • Eliminates sand and undigested material in the horse’s digestive system
  • Reduces toxins and bacteria in the horse’s body
  • Proactive macrobiotic assists in the reconstitution of the good bacteria in your horse’s digestive system
  • Provides an authentic, organic way to reduce the cost of your feed bill

How Will This Impact The Horse?

  • Decreases potential of sand, toxic, and other types of colic
  • Protective measure against Laminitis and Right Dorsal Colitis
  • Helps in healing ulcers and other internal lesions
  • General condition improves
  • Clearer eyes and improved coat
  • Improves the general behavior of your horse
  • Strong healthy hooves with a clean coronet band
  • Reduces the odor of urine and manure

The accumulation of sand, dirt and harmful bacteria in the horse’s gut presents the risk of becoming trapped, creating serious health problems including colic in horses.

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Psyllium is widely used for the health benefits to humans and horses

Figure 1

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