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Horse Colic

The Importance of Fresh, Clean Water

You Can Lead a Horse to Water,... But You Must Give Him the Choice

Psyllium seed husk is hydroscopic, taking up fluids approximately 140 times its cellular area.

  • Psyllium seed husk is 70% fiber
  • Psyllium seed husk becomes gelatinous as it absorbs fluids
  • PHP Products' research and development has determined:
    • How much carrier the psyllium seed husk requires to pass completely through 72 ft. of the equine digestive system and retain the function of the gelatinous fiber of the psyllium seed husk
    • The carrier/psyllium seed husk ratio required to completely cleanse the digestive system
  • To become gelatinous, the product requires fluid
  • Fluid is acquired from fluids retained in the horses' system
  • All fluid MUST be replaced. Therefore, we recommend keeping fresh, clean water available at all times
  • The horse determines his drinking and eating routine
  • Without options and opportunity to drink, the horse cannot fulfill his requirement of fluid/water within his system
  • The fluid retained in the gelatinous mass encourages the body to replace fluids
  • The replacement fluid in turn allows a "flushing" of the intestinal tract to take place resulting in the removal of unwanted bacteria, toxins and other waste that contribute to colic in horses
  • The psyllium seed husk in the ration also encourages the body to release unwanted water retention

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • Psyllium seed husk is hydroscopic and 70% fiber
  • Psyllium seed husk becomes gelatinous as it absorbs fluid and helps avoid equine colic
  • Fluid is taken from retained fluids within the digestive system
  • Replacement fluid "flushes" out the unwanted wastes and water retention