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Horse Colic

The Need for ColiClenz™ Plus

The horse's gut becomes cluttered because of restraints of living.

It is advisable for horse owners, veterinarians, and developers of other supplementary products to use ColiClenz™ Plus, as a regular routine of the horse diet.

A clean digestive system enhances everything; it is the foundation of the healthy horse and avoiding equine colic.

As horse owners, we choose to use all sorts of other natural and manufactured products when feeding our horses.

We choose, not the horse.

The horse's digestive process, through the caecum, accepts and digests organic substances such as feeds and non-feed stuffs, including fence posts, stable timbers, grain bags, etc.

The horse's gut objects to such foreign objects like gravel, sand, rocks, wire, hay-string-rope-wire can all contribute to horse colic.

Organic or not, some of this material builds up inside the gut, as gunk, which is a primary reason for feeding ColiClenz™ Plus on a regular 10 week regimen to help avoid colic in horses.

Through the demands of society, competition, and the nature of man, we have established a feeding routine which we believe has an accumulative effect in all horses' digestive systems. No exception is given to the well managed, properly supervised horse.

There is only one alternative: to clean the gut out, to return the horse to normal, as he used to be, and needs to be. That is the purpose of ColiClenz™ Plus.

With a clean gut you can do everything else!

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • Foreign objects and undigested materials accumulate in the horse's gut and can cause equine colic
  • Something has to be used to cleanse the system and return it back to normal to help avoid colic in horses
  • C2+ removes the gunk from of the horse's gut and helps avoid horse colic
  • The administration of C2+ every 10 weeks maintains a clean, healthy equine gut