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Horse Colic

PHP Pellets, Inc. Provides a Unique Product

This Unique Product Has:

  • Development and research supporting the product benefit in help avoid colic in horses
  • Both academic and anecdotal evidence to prove it works in help avoid equine colic
  • Years of successful testing
  • A complete product, and ready to go into the horse's ration as a 10 week regimen
  • Strong research in marketing development
  • Is designed to suit the equine digestive system and help avoid horse colic
  • A palatable ration for the horse
  • An understandable method clearly showing how it works and why
  • A proper ration which can be fed with other feed
  • A unique and easy to administer feeding method
  • ColiClenz™ Plus is no "fly by night" product. It has 9 years of development and use in horses behind it.
  • Education clinics and seminars provided by PHP products' staff

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • The product is palatable
  • Academic and anecdotal evidence proves it works in helping avoid horse colic
  • Designed to suit the horse’s digestive system to help avoid equine colic
  • C2+ has been in development and use for more that 9 years in helping to avoid colic in horses
  • Educational clinics and seminars provided by PHP products’ staff