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Horse Colic

Benefits of ColiClenz™ Plus

  • All natural product
  • No preservatives, drugs, antibiotics, or synthetic materials
  • Designed to work with the horse’s digestive system, naturally helping to avoid equine colic
  • ColiClenz™ Plus is synchronized in its usage according to the digestive system absorption process
  • Feeding ColiClenz™ Plus five times a year provides a regimen where the horse's system doesn't get “accustomed” to ColiClenz™ Plus and try to absorb it as a feed substance into the digestive system making it available to help avoid colic in horses
  • Easy to feed, easy to measure
  • Utilizes feed products in the horse’s system more efficiently for at least 8 weeks after administering ColiClenz™ Plus
  • Very palatable to horses
  • Will enhance the performance of a horse on a regular dose regime
  • Will improve the quality of hooves, hair coat, and general appearance
  • Reduces smell related to excretion of urine and manure
  • A regime of assisting digestive health and avoiding equine colic
  • A regime of assisting in management of horse colic problems
  • A regime of assisting in management of laminitis

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • All natural
  • No preservatives
  • No drugs or antibiotics
  • Easy to feed
  • Easy to measure
  • Designed to work naturally
  • Palatable
  • Improves appearance
  • Utilizes feed more efficiently
  • Enhances performance
  • Reduces odor of urine and feces