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Horse Colic

Why Buy ColiClenz™ Plus?

  • ColiClenz™ Plus is dosed according to the behavior of the horse's digestive process to better help avoid equine colic.
  • The product is fed in increasing quantity designed to "fit" into the capacity of the horse's digestive system over a 5 day dose regimen to maximize its ability to help avoid colic in horses.
  • The caecum provides the means to absorb any product the horse eats repetitively. Therefore, timing is crucial.
  • ColiClenz™ Plus is not to be fed continually; once every 10 weeks as opposed to daily or monthly.
  • The product is not lost from the feed bin by snorting loose product onto the sides of the bin or onto the ground below the bin, or snorting for selective eating. It must be totally consumed to help avoid horse colic.
  • The product contains the right amount of raw ingredient to cleanse the digestive tract.
  • The ration has a correctly specified carrier to allow the hydroscopic nature of the raw product to be activated throughout the equine digestive tract, not all at once which would gel right in the mouth and neck.
  • The product's hydroscopic nature is not activated outside the digestive tract, unlike psyllium administered through tubing, and forced into the horse as a gel already, reducing the impact of the psyllium seed husk.
  • ColiClenz™ Plus uses the raw ingredient science to the maximum in the equine digestive tract.
  • Our science is understandable, and is available.

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • Dosed according to the horse's digestive tract
  • Timing is critical
  • No lost product due to snorting it out
  • Dosed to cleanse throughout the tract
  • Activated within the digestive tract