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Horse Colic

Why not feed daily

Clinically, it is known through various research documents that horses potentially can colic if fed psyllium seed husk or psyllium seed husk products too regularly.

Why? The product looses its efficacy in the gut because it becomes absorbed into the digestive process as a regular food source.

ColiClenz™ Plus is different...

PHP Pellets is the only company which has provided the research and development of a product which is:

  • Not a placebo
  • Not a hope, wish or a thought
  • A property formulated and researched product which does clean the horse's digestive system throughout helping avoid equine colic

Competitor products are variations outside these latitudes. As such, they diminish the positive effects of psyllium seed husk usage in avoiding horse colic.

Research and understanding of the digestive process indicates that when fed continually psyllium seed husk looses its efficacy in the gut, becoming absorbed in the digestive process as a regular food source and becoming less beneficial in helping avoid colic in horses.

PHP Pellets' product, ColiClenz™ Plus, is unique-because the 10 week regimen is as important to the validity of the use of psyllium seed husk in horses as the formulation itself.

ColiClenz™ Plus


  • C2+ is not a placebo, hope, wish or thought
  • C2+ is a product which cleans the equine digestive tract thoroughly helping avoid equine colic
  • The 10 week regimen is as important as the product's unique formulation in helping to avoid colic in horses