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How to feed ColiClenz™ Plus

A Full Ration is Fed Over 5 Days

Anecdotally, ColiClenz™ Plus has proven to be  successful if the full ration is fed over 5 days, in increasing  quantities. However, if the horse is slow to finish the ration, it is  recommended to withhold other feeds on days 3, 4 and 5, and extend the  ration for another day or two if necessary. 

Don't think making the decision to break the ration in half will help 

Don't think feeding half on the Last two days is being kind 

Don't think it is too much psyllium seed husk 

Don't think it will be okay to feed casually or twice, three or four times a year 

The product is unique in its formulation and application. Make the most of the science in helping to avoid equine colic by feeding ColiClenz™ Plus properly! 

ColiClenz™ Plus is formulation specific. 

Guidelines on how to feed ColiClenz™ Plus 

Always offer plenty of clean, fresh water 

Feed as directed (1 lb. equals 2 Cups): 

Feeding levels: 

Day 1--- 1 lb. 

Day 2--- 2 lbs. 

Day 3--- 3 lbs. 

Day 4--- 4 lbs. 

Day 5--- 5 lbs. 

The first three days are specific in measure according  to the research to remove any heavy objects and sand from the gut and  helping avoid equine colic. 

The Last two days will remove excess toxic, bacterial  and other waste in the system by removing fluid and other substances  from the gut.